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Kimmies' Kitchen is a home cooked Indian takeaway and dinner party service local to Riddlesdown, Sanderstead and Purley in Surrey. We also do a range of wonderful sauces, oils and rubs.


Thank you for visiting Kimmies' Kitchen. We specialise in creating wonderful Indian food for your dinner party in the South Croydon / Sanderstead / Riddlesdown / Purley area.

What do I cook?

I cook wholesome and traditional Indian food with a slight twist - this is because of my Anglo-Indian background!

Some example menus can be found on the meals page along with some scrummy pictures of the meals and our range of spicy home made sausages that we sell. 

We also sell a range of different sauces, oils and rubs which can be viewed on the sauces page.



We can cater for up to 30 people, and remember we just provide the food - unfortunately the washing up is all yours!

We know you won't be disappointed - please take a look at our testimonials page.

How to Order?

Just get in touch either by phone, the contact form or e-mail on the contact page.

For sauces, oils and rubs and our home made sausages, again just get in touch and if you are close we can deliver by hand.


Sauces, Oils and Rubs


Chilli Oil (Hot)

£ 3.00

Chilli Oil (Medium)

£ 3.00

Chilli Oil (Mild)

£ 3.00

Chilli Sauce (Mild)

£ 2.50

Chilli Sauce (Hot)

£ 2.50

Jerk Seasoning (Hot)

£ 2.50

Jerk Seasoning (Medium)

£ 2.50

Chettinad Curry Sauce

£ 2.50

Tamarind Chutney

£ 2.50

Apple & Mint Chutney

£ 2.50

Jerk Seasoning Rub

£ 1.00

Tandoori Rub

£ 1.00

Cajun Rub

£ 1.00

Meals and Food

Meals are prepared using sunflower or corn oil and freshly ground spices. I also cater for vegetarians and for those with special dietary requirements.

Example menus

  1. Chicken Dhansak (cooked in a subtle blend of lentils, spices and vegetable), Tomato rice, Cabbage & potato (pan fried with onions, ginger & garlic)
  2. Chicken meatballs (meatballs are made with freshly ground herbs and spices cooked in a tomato based curry sauce ), Peas Pilau, Spinach & potato (cooked with fried onions, ginger, garlic and herbs)
  3. Chicken chettinad (Cooked with dry roasted spices), Boiled rice, Bombay potatoes (cooked with chillies, mustard, turmeric with a squeeze of lemon)
  4. Chicken jhal ferazi (cooked with freshly sliced garlic, ginger and onions & mixed with fried potatoes - please note that this is a dry dish), Khichdi (oven cooked rice & lentils with cinnamon, cloves & mustard seeds), Mixed vegetable curry (traditionally cooked with herbs & spices)
  5. Beef curry with new potatoes (my dad's recipe), Pilao rice, Cabbage, peas & tomatoes
  6. Chicken vindaloo (slowly cooked with vinegar & roughly ground spices to give is a zest), Plain rice, Bombay potatoes (cooked with chillies, mustard, turmeric with a squeeze of lemon)
  7. Chicken bhuna (chicken cooked in freshly ground ginger and garlic mixed with other spices), Spinach bhaji (spinach cooked with lightly fried onions, garlic and ginger with tomatoes and peas), Boiled rice
  8. Chicken curry (a simple village-style chicken curry cooked with tomatoes and potatoes - made from my servant's recipe), Mushroom bhaji (fried with mustard seeds, ginger and garlic), Pilao rice

We can also make some parathas or naan to go with the meal - all foods can be heated in the microwave or left on low in the oven.


A mixed starter platter to go with chilli sauce & chilli oil that we provide: Samosas, Spring rolls, Dim sum, Onion Bhajis, Crispy Prawns and Chicken Tikka bites


We also sell a range of home made mouthwatering indian spicy sausages (per 250 g) listed here:-

Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken @  £4.50 per pack. To order, please get in contact with us below.



that tamarind chutney is to die for, so good with popadoms

Louise M.

I have had several dishes from Kim and all have been tasty and spicy.  I particularly enjoyed her jerk chicken, spicy sausages and all her chicken dishes, as well as the different kinds of chilli oil that she is well known for around these parts.

Tony B.

Kimmi's sausages are lovely and spicy. I would also recommend her jerk paste which is very tasty and much better than the branded ranges you buy from the supermarket.

Sihra S.

Just to let you know that my Piri Piri chicken wrap was really nice, lovely flavours.  I think the meat is enough in the wrap, but maybe a little more salad to make it more filling.

Pauline H.

Yes I was meaning to tell you how absolutely delicious that was, truly. I am placing my order for the next three months!

Paul C.

They were lovely.  Chicken was sooooo nice.

Maybe just a little more salad but not too much more as I only have a little tummy!!

Melanie G.

The wrap was lovely, could we suggest that you put a little shredded lettuce in the wrap and possibly a drizzle of mint yoghurt.

Margaret B.

Thank you for the wrap it was lovely. I told my mum and she said I should have got one for her.

Nikki H.


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If you want to get in contact with Kimmie's Kitchen to order some food or ask a question, either fill in the form below or use the contact telephone number or e-mail address on the right hand side. We'll do our best to get back to you asap!

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